Screenwriting Mentorship

Listen, I understand your project is your baby, and allowing someone else to help guide your vision can seem a bit scary.  But, I promise, it will help pull the best out of you…

Erykah Badu said it best, “We’re all artists, and we are sensitive about our *stuff*!” Trust me, I get it!

Maybe you’ve started writing, but just want to get a little feedback on what you’ve done so far.  Or, maybe you’ve got an idea and you are ready to hit the ground running, but you want someone to guide you through the process so you can make this project come to life with the color and vigor you know is possible.  Either way, I’ve got you covered!

I want you to succeed in bringing your story to life.  In fact, I NEED you to succeed. We all do. Your unique perspective is needed in this industry. And I want to help you make that a reality…

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Here’s what a few of my clients have had to say about my services.

There are several websites that offer Professional Script Coverage and Script Analysis; this work is often done by interns and assistants with little or no experience in writing or producing a film project. Toneka, has worked in different capacities on several projects both for her projects and projects of others. She worked as a script consultant on three of my short film projects and provided notes on my screenplays. As an advocate for independent filmmakers, Toneka’s passion is evident and her feedback is helpful. As a writer, she has over a decade of experience, writing, studying and consulting screenplays.

Lori Nelson Lee

Author/Filmmaker/Producer, LLeft Entertainment

Toneka has been an invaluable source for me with my writing.  Her great feedback has been timely, accurate, and essential to my growth as a Writer.  The feedback is precise, without being negative, which helps me to move forward confidently with revisions.  I look forward to sending Toneka my writing on a constant basis. 

Stefan LaToure

Post Production Coordinator, HBO


– Four Pages of in depth feedback provided.

– A logline, a 20-point Ratings Grid that rates story, characters, dialogue, scenes, theme etc.

– 72 hour turnaround

– Optional 30 minute Q&A call

Line by Line Notes

– Everything in Essential Script Coverage.

– Scene by scene comments written directly on the pages throughout your script.

– 14 day turnaround.

– Optional 30 minute Q&A call

One on One

– 6 Week Coaching with kick off call.

– Weekly video call with feedback on pages.

– Next actions plan.

– Motivation & Inspiration.

– Finished script not required.