Black Representation In Writers Rooms

  With the recent success of movies like Black Panther and Hidden Figures and the rising notoriety of select Black writers (think: Tyler Perry, Issa Rae, Lena Waithe...), you might think there was a more apparent trend toward diversity in the writing rooms in...

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Oscars 2019 Was An Entire Mood

The Oscars last night were on point!  I have NEVER watched it all the way through.  It just never grabs my attention, but having a more diverse group of winners kept me interested the entire time. If you weren’t able to watch here’s a partial list of winners...

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Lighting Techniques Every Filmmaker Needs To Know

Like most independent filmmakers, you’re probably working with a less-than-Hollywood-sized budget. That doesn’t mean you have to cut corners or produce a lower quality film. It simply means you need to find ways to maximize your dollars while still optimizing your...

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The Indie Filmmaker’s Guide To Casting

The coup de gras for indie filmmakers is landing a well-known actor for your movie. While that might be the golden apple for many movie makers and a strong drawing card for some audiences, it’s just as important to get affordable talent at a reasonable fee. Casting an...

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